Cherry Coke Cupcakes


Cherry Coke Cupcakes

Hey everyone! For my first REAL post, I decided to write about a cupcake recipe I tried a few weeks ago. My husband turned the big 3 – 0 this December and to celebrate, I chose to bake him some cupcakes. I saw these cupcakes on Pinterest a couple of months ago, and my husband got so excited about me potentially making them. So, I knew I had a really good chance of making him very happy with these sweet treats.

I don’t know about you guys, but when I am baking/cooking something for the first time…or the 15th time…I HAVE to follow the recipe EXACTLY!! But occasionally, I will meander off the path and try something different. In regards to these cupcakes, here’s what I did different:

1. I couldn’t find red metallic cupcake liners, so I settled with some red & white gingham ones at Walmart (not a huge difference but there you have it).

2. The recipe calls for 4 – 5 cherries inserted into the batter before baking, but I only put in 3 (I felt more than 3 would be too much).

3. I went for the whole she-bang and made the optional glaze. It tastes just like Coca – Cola! Depending on how much you fill your liners with batter, you might not have enough room for the glaze. When I baked mine, half had risen just up to the top of the liner and the other half had risen just over the top of the liner. So when I spooned my glaze onto the cupcakes that had risen above the liner, some of the glaze dripped over the side. Not a huge deal, just a little sticky and messy.

4. I doubled the whipped cream frosting (I actually always double any icing recipe…just to be safe…I’d rather have too much frosting than not enough). This frosting is SO GOOD!!! I was afraid it would be too plain, but it was extremely sweet and delicious! I enjoyed eating spoonfuls of it as I frosted the cupcakes ;-D When I frosted the cupcakes, I use a Farberware icing bag I got from Walmart, and I used the #2A Wilton tip that came with it.

So there’s everything that I did differently. My husband absolutely LOVED these cupcakes!!! He hasn’t stopped talking about them. He liked them so much that he wants me to make them again soon. From my point of view, they are quite delicious. I loved biting into the cake part and finding a whole maraschino cherry! Unfortunately, Annie is right about the coke taste. Even though I used the Coca – Cola glaze, neither my husband nor I could taste it once the frosting was on top. But it’s still a really tasty chocolatey cherry cupcake! I really think my Dad (and probably Mom) would like these. I’ll have to make these for them sometime…maybe Dad’s birthday in April? Well, that is all for now, folks! I encourage you to take this recipe from Annie, try it yourself, and let me know how it turns out! Good luck!!

~ Traci


One thought on “Cherry Coke Cupcakes

  1. You and mom are so alike in your “need” to follow recipes!! I always just wing it and eyeball certain things like vanilla extract and if I taste it and it doesn’t seem perfect I’ll add something that the recipe might not call for. I live on the edge I guess!

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