DIY *Special* Wall Art

Happy New Year folks!! Did you stay up and ring in the new year? My husband and I did! We celebrated over at a friend’s house  🙂 Last night, I was asked if I had any goals in mind for the new year.

1. I have never made any “resolutions” because I find it very cliche. And like most people, I say I’m going to do something, and I have a hard time sticking to it. So why bother making up resolutions when I know I won’t keep them? It’s sad…but true!

2. On our way home, hubby and I were talking new years.. To be honest, I feel that the whole new year’s celebration is silly. I feel that it is just another day, nothing to get too excited about. [Although one thing that I do like about New Year’s is the first kiss of the new year] Both hubby and I agreed that we feel a new year starts on your birthday. That’s the time to  take a look at your life and make any ‘changes’ you deem necessary.

Alright, let me get down from my soapbox and get on to today’s post! I had told you that I was going to show you a crafty item that doubles as both wall art and something that is also functional. I had seen two ideas on Pinterest and incorporated them together. The first was a canvas that covered something you don’t want seen. The second was another canvas that was painted and monogrammed as art work.

Our breaker box is in our laundry room. I think it’s really big (the box at our rental was tiny) and really ugly. The breaker box measures 15″ x 30″ so I knew I had to get a canvas that was bigger than those dimensions. I found a lot of different sizes at Hobby Lobby and got one that measured 24″ x 36″. When I was lining it up (just to make sure it would fit), I noticed it wasn’t flush to the wall. I had to remove the middle bar running across the back of the canvas for it to line up against the wall.

The next step, I had to create a chevron pattern. I googled “chevron pattern”, found one I liked, and printed it out. I then traced out the pattern onto a piece of cardboard. Once I had the cardboard chevron pattern, I lined it up on the canvas and started taping (I used 1″ Frog tape – I recommend this – the paint doesn’t bleed through too badly). The taping was the longest/hardest part. I apologize for not having a step by step picture tutorial (I made this over the summer when I was off work). I would line the tape against the cardboard pattern and then use a razor to cut off the overhang of tape. Since my canvas was so big, it took a long time to do this. Unfortunately, since I probably didn’t correctly line up my chevron pattern from the beginning, the end really got messed up. [When you look at the first picture below, look at the bottom and you’ll see what I’m talking about] I was SO UPSET! But I had spent all that time working on it, I didn’t really care. I figured if it was on the bottom, who would really notice…especially once the lettering was placed on it…

After I completed the taping process, I started to paint. Since I was using orange and aqua with the gray walls in the laundry room, I decided to do an orange and white chevron with aqua letters. I painted the orange onto the canvas (2 – 3 coats…can’t remember exactly) and removed the tape. Unfortunately in some parts, the orange bled through the tape. I contemplated leaving it, but with my OCD/perfectionist brain, I just couldn’t. So, I got out my white paint and carefully went to work. Again, it took awhile to paint the white chevron pattern, but I did it! I wasn’t entirely thrilled with the ‘messy’ look (you could see the brush strokes with the white paint), but I remembered that I still had the lettering that would go over it, so I let it go.

Since the piece was going into the laundry room, I knew I wanted a cute saying about ‘laundry’ on the canvas. I thought and thought and came up with ‘Wash and Dry”! I had to get pretty large letters since it was a large canvas, and I found a good variety at Hobby Lobby. I wanted to do different sizes and fonts to make it feel quirky and cute. While I was at Hobby Lobby getting the items for this craft, I laid out different letters on the blank canvas until I was satisfied with what I saw. At home, I painted my letters aqua and laid them out on my painted canvas. I used super glue to affix my letters to my canvas. Once all the letters had been glued on, I turned the canvas onto its front and laid heavy textbooks where the letters were (so I knew they’d be really stuck to the canvas).

An hour later, I turned it over and was really, really happy with the piece! Before I could hang it on the wall, I had to attach the hinges. I needed my husband’s help with this part. I bought 4 hinges at Lowe’s and he helped screw them in to the canvas. Once the hinges were in, we took it to the breaker box. We centered it where it should go and hubby drilled the holes into the walls for the hinges. At last, it was on the wall and ready to go…or so I thought. I noticed that the canvas was not flush to the wall 😦 Fortunately, my hubby came to the rescue! We had some velcro command hooks and he attached two on the bottom right hand corners. Now the piece is flush to the wall and is still accessible to the breaker box! I absolutely love it and couldn’t be happier with my cool canvas 🙂 Below are the pictures of the finished product:

049050And together, the canvas and corkboard:

051I am so glad you stuck around and read this entire post! I hope it wasn’t too boring…And again, I apologize for not having step by step picture tutorials. Maybe I’ll make another one as a gift for someone and do it then?! I guess we’ll find out ;-p Thanks again for visiting! Happy crafting!

~ Traci


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