DIY Storage Boxes


Yes, my friends! I have found yet another Pinterest inspiration and have tried it out! I saw the photo here and knew I wanted to try it. Usually, I don’t keep shoe boxes after I’ve bought the shoes, but with all of the ideas I’ve seen on Pinterest lately, I kept some around for this kind of project. Since I had the shoe box, all I needed was some fabric, fabric scissors, and a hot glue gun.

Yesterday, I went to Jo-Ann’s to find some fabric for this project. I really liked that Crystal used a different fabric for the lid and the box. Since the box would be going into my living room area on top of our desk unit, I knew I had to use brown somehow. I found the pretty aqua/white pattern and then found the brown solid to go with it (both were on sale which was a bonus!).


I decided to start with the box part first. I cut out enough of the aqua/white pattern so that when I folded it up over the flaps, there was about an inch or so of material that hung over the inside of the box (kind of like when you’re wrapping a present). Next, I folded one part of the fabric inside the box and cut slits towards the corners (that way the fabric would lay down nicely):


Once you have the slits cut, hot glue the flap down inside the box. To make sure I didn’t go overboard with the glue gun, I drew a line with a marker of where my fabric would lay, then I would know how far to use my hot glue gun. *When I glued my fabric to the box, I used glue along the edges of the sides, like a rectangle*:


After completing this, I did the exact same procedure on the other side opposite the side I just did. The other two ends I had to do differently. I cut down the sides so that it would create a flap that would easily fold up and over the side. Like this:


Once that was cut, I flipped it on its side and cut down the flap so there was about 3/4″ of fabric on the side. You’ll have a small (but good) size of fabric after cutting:


Then I glued down the 3/4″ piece of fabric to my box, folded over the extra fabric into the box, and glued that down as well. Here is what it looks like with both sides glued down:


With this last flap, I glued it to my box, folded over the extra, and glued it down inside the box. Here is what the finished box looks like:


To do the lid, I used the exact same procedure, except when I used the glue gun, I only used glue on the top of the lid and on the inside of the lid (not around the lid). For some reason with the brown fabric, you could totally SEE the glue lines through the fabric. Here’s my box and my lid all glued down (sorry it’s not the best picture):


And then for the grand finale…TADAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!


I’ve only made the one box so far although I’ve got two other shoe boxes that need to be covered! I only bought one yard of each fabric, and I could probably get 4 boxes total out of the fabric. Guess I need to buy a pair of shoes to get that 4th box, right? Haha ;-D My husband would say “NO WAY!!” I’m really excited because for the price of one sstorage box at a home improvement store, I can have 4 storage boxes that are “hand made” and super cute! I would TOTALLY recommend this project to anyone that is considering this as an option for organization! The one downside to this craft is that it takes some time/patience to complete one box. But I really do believe it is worth it! I’ll probably make one a day until they’re all done! I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! I encourage you to try this and let me know how it turns out!! Happy crafting,

~ Traci


4 thoughts on “DIY Storage Boxes

  1. I am so doing this for my sewing room. I have some shoe boxes sitting around that I haven’t thrown away yet. I hope to make mine using remnants of fabric I have around from previous sewing projects!!

  2. I LOVE it!!! Great colors. Glad you added a tutorial, I wish I would have taken pics while I was putting it together. Just wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out :). LOve your blog by the way :). You’re so crafty and creative.

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