Handmade card {1}

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all had a great three day weekend (for those of you who had yesterday off)! I know I did! I went with a friend and we got our nails done…you like my wild zebra look? Hahahaha 🙂


Today, I wanted to show you a scrap booking idea. I enjoy making things by hand, and I think people like receiving things that have been hand made. One of the things I like to hand make is cards. I don’t make them for every occasion, but once in a while, I get a whim to create one. I had made a card for the baby shower I attended last weekend, so I decided to use that theme for this most recent card. Instead of a baby card, I made a thank you card for my friend’s parents. They allowed me to stay at their house and fed me all weekend long! Now I’ll show you step-by-step how I created it.

What you’ll need:


Cardstock (I bought a pack of cards from Hobby Lobby, complete with envelopes); patterned paper; 3-4 other coordinating colors of paper; stencil(s) of whatever you want to say (like I said previously, I used “baby” for one card and “thanks” for this one and I used wood letters to trace around); ribbon; scrapbook stickers; scissors; and a stencil/cut out of a fun shape.

For the card, I cut mine in half (I get more use out of them that way, but I don’t have enough envelopes for them all).


Next, I used the scrapbook stickers and laid down my patterned paper over the card. Then I cut around the card, removing the excess paper.


I then used more scrapbook stickers to affix the yellow paper about halfway on the card and cut off the remaining paper.


Next, I cut and stuck a piece of ribbon over the two papers and trimmed off the sides.


Then I traced my letters in pencil backwards and cut them out; that way when I cut them out, the pencil outline would be on the back of the letters.


I like to use different sizes/shapes of letters when making cards. I feel it looks more original and fun than cookie-cutter and blah…like before, I stuck on more scrapbook stickers, stuck the letters onto more paper, and cut rectangles around the letters.


Since my letters were a little bigger than the space I had on the card, I had to turn and overlap them so they would fit properly. And once again, I attached them with…scrapbook stickers!!!


The card would have been fine like this, but with me, I needed it to be even more amazing. So I added a little something in the corner. I had a stencil I thought would be perfect, a polka dot-like star…thing. I used three different colors for the corner.


Now, it was perfect! Although this card is cute, I really like the baby card I made for my friend’s baby shower. Here it is:


Cute isn’t it? I’m very proud of it, if you couldn’t tell ;-D Well everyone, I hope you take this card idea and make it your own! Have a fantastic week and happy crafting!

~ Traci


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