Future projects

What’s up guys? I hope everyone had an excellent weekend! I know I did 🙂 My birthday was last Tuesday (the 5th) and instead of really celebrating that night after school, John and I decided to wait till the weekend to do anything (although we did go out to dinner that night). So Saturday, after helping out with the SAT at school, we drove up to Charlotte to have some fun with friends. We met up with Julie (friend from college), her husband Derrick, Joe, and Nicole (John knows Joe and Nicole from PA and they’re getting married in July). We had planned on playing some games at Dave and Busters first, but it was CRAZY BUSY!! We talked about seeing a movie to pass the time, so we went and saw “Oz”. I really enjoyed it, as did everyone else in the group, so I recommend seeing it 🙂 Afterwards, we ate dinner at Macado’s and then headed back to D&B. Although it was still busy, we made our way through the crowds and played some games. After awhile, it was late and we were getting tired, so we said our goodbyes and headed home. We had a two hour drive and I fought to keep my eyes open. Thankfully, John was driving.

For today’s post, I didn’t have any good/new craft or scrap booking ideas and I didn’t want to do another cupcake recipe (I’d like to spread them out). My husband suggested I write about our future project we are working on outside of our house. This is what our house looks like now:


As you can tell, my husband has already started working. When the house was built, the company put in some “landscaping” around the sidewalk and against the house. Both areas are pathetic. In front of the sidewalk with the lights is a bunch of pine straw. And behind the sidewalk is ugly red bark and tiny round bushes. John has already started ripping out the pine straw. See?


Hopefully soon, we’ll get rid of the bark and tiny bushes. We are going to buy new bushes (ones that will grow taller), add in some flowers, use new black bark, and get some kind of tree (I would love a Crepe Myrtle or Japanese Maple).

On our porch, we have no furniture. I told John that I really want black rocking chairs, but he really wants to get wood Adirondack chairs. We found a type of Adirondack chair at an antique store nearby, so we are saving our money to buy a couple. The man who makes them can paint them black too, so we get the best of both worlds. As you’re looking at the porch, on the right we’ve got some space where I’d like to add a bench. Again, it would be black to match the chairs. Also, we have hanging pots so we’ll fill those with flowers to add some color.

On the stairs, I want to add some potted flowers. For the fall, I had two pots I sanded and painted brown. In them, I planted yellow/orange mums. I plan to do something similar for spring/summer. I want to paint two more pots aqua and plant red geraniums in them (I just love aqua and red together). For the front door, I want to buy a wreath and add an “S” for our last name. Something like this would be awesome against our black front door.


In addition, I really want to get a new door mat. I know John loves his Steelers one, but for the front door, I feel it should represent something we both love (not just his). I would really like a SC mat (palmetto tree and moon). We’ll see what we can find, or maybe I’ll make one! Also, I’ve got lanterns to sit by the front door, but I’m not sure what to put in them. For the fall, it was easy – candles and pumpkins. For spring and summer, I just don’t know…Anybody got any ideas?

030 031

See how plain and boring it is? Blah…I can’t wait to fix it all up! Of course, it will take time…and money…both of which are not usually in high supply with us. But as I’ve learned, a house should always be a work-in-progress. So one day, maybe our house might look like this. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on our future masterpiece 🙂


I am also really excited about a gift I am going to be making for my sister. She has created a sewing room in her house, and I am going to be making her a few artsy but functional pieces for it. I cannot wait to get it done! I won’t be able to share what it is that I’ll be doing, but I will definitely blog about it after I’ve given it to her!

In about three weeks, I will be on SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!! For the last 3 years, our school has never gotten out early on Good Friday. This year, we are! It will be the end of our third quarter, so we get the afternoon to work on grades before spring break. As most of you know, I am not the best at keeping up with my posts, so I will try to make up for it during my week off. Not making any promises, but I’ll do my best!

Alright everyone, my eyes are starting to droop as I write, so that is my cue to stop. Have a great rest of your week and happy crafting!

~ Traci


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