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Oh man, you guys…this week was…well, interesting. I went to school on Monday and developed a slight headache during the day. [I get headaches quite often, unfortunately. Most of the time, I take medicine to get rid of the pain, but other times, I try to ride the pain out.] I decided I would try to ride the pain out – BIG mistake!! The headache got worse throughout the day. I didn’t have any medicine with me, so there was really nothing I could do about it.

After school, I went to musical rehearsal. When we got out at 5:00, my head was pounding. I started crying on the ride home, the pain was so bad. After I got to the house, I immediately took some medicine and climbed in bed. But the pain did not subside – it got even worse! I was sobbing so loudly, my husband came in and asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital. Although part of me wanted to go (this was the WORST headache I’ve ever had), I declined. I wanted to see if the medicine would kick in first. I cried for almost 30 minutes until the pain eased up. Later, after I was feeling better, I looked at the medicine bottle and noticed the expiration date: 10/2012. No wonder the medicine took so long to work! Needless to say, I threw out that bottle and got a new one.

I have to brag on my husband. He was incredibly sweet and comforting while I wailed in pain. He brought me water, hot tea, tissues, he took off my work clothes and put on comfy clothes for me, he prayed for me, he massaged my back, and he made dinner! If there was a husband-of-the-year award, he should totally win it πŸ™‚ I am very grateful I married such a wonderful man!

This week started rehearsals for the musical. Monday, everyone was there and we just did a read-through. Tuesday, I blocked the first two scenes with the principles. Wednesday, everyone was there as we ran through the first three scenes. That day, I was quite frazzled, but I survived it because my husband surprised me with my favorite coffee drink πŸ˜€ Thursday, we didn’t have practice because a lot of the kids and the music director were going to be gone. They had an all-day singing competition in Columbia. Friday, rehearsal went well. But after practice was over, well, that’s another story.

I’m not going to go into too much detail, but basically, I got chewed out by a parent. Instead of trying to argue with her, I kept my mouth shut. I’m going to talk to the music director tomorrow, so I’ll see what he thinks about it and go from there.

Alright, on to today’s post! I am sad to report that I do not have any creations to share with you today 😦 However, I am going to show you a preview of what I hope to create over my spring break next week. Here we go!

1.) My husband and I bought two pots last weekend while at Lowe’s. I am going to paint them aqua and plant either geraniums or begonias in them. These will go on the steps to our front porch (one on each side).


2.) Like I mentioned in my “Future Projects” post, I wanted to have a spring wreath for our front door. I found one and an ‘S’ yesterday at Jo-Ann’s. I had planned on painting the wreath the same aqua color as the pots, but I think I’ve changed my mind. Now I’m thinking of using coral. I’ll keep the ‘S’ white, and as far as the ribbon and flower accents go, I haven’t decided yet. I guess I’ll have to check out Hobby Lobby’s selection and go from there.


3.) Another project that I have been waiting to create is a candle pillar and a jewelry/nick-nack holder. I’ve had the plates and candle holders for a month and a half now, but I am still waiting on one thing. For the candle pillar, I am going to use the plain white plate and short glass candle holder. What I want to do is spray paint the glass part with Krylon’s Looking Glass spray paint, although I’m having a hard time finding it. I’ve checked Lowe’s, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Hobby Lobby. I haven’t checked Ace yet. Hopefully they carry it [*fingers crossed*]. If not, I’ll have to do something else. I plan on spray painting the plate a shimmery gold. I will then glue the plate to the glass. I already have four candles to place on it. Around the candles, I’ll probably use some clear stones.

The other plates and glass candle holder will be a jewelry and nick-nack display. I’m going to spray paint the glass a shiny metallic gold (to match the shiny gold around the plates). On the dresser in our bedroom, my husband and I keep our wedding rings, watches, and other small items. Having this display will not only be a nice decoration, it will be a ‘catch all’ for our stuff. I’ll be glad when I finally get it done!


4.) I’ve been planning on making something special for my sister’s birthday (which is tomorrow), but it’s taken me a while to get the materials I need. I still am not going to say much about it, but here is a picture of some of the things it will include. Remember, this is for her sewing/craft room (I know that probably doesn’t tell you anything by looking at this picture, so use your imagination for now). Trust me, it’s going to be awesome, I promise!!


5.) The last project I have is going to be a tough one. I bought this window at an antiques store back in August, and it’s been sitting in the garage since then. I cleaned up the glass after I purchased it (there was blue paint all around the edges) and I haven’t touched it since. What I plan on doing is taking off the blue paint, sanding it, re-painting it, and making it a mail ‘catch all’. Two of the glass sections will be painted with chalkboard paint, so we can write any reminders on them. Two of the glass sections will be pictures and the last two will be…something. Maybe silhouettes or quotations? Haven’t decided yet. Any ideas?


One other thing I know I’ll be able to blog about during spring break is a cupcake recipe! I started my ‘on-the-side cupcake business’ last week when I made the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough cupcakes for a girl’s birthday. She said they were great and that they were gone fast, which I am not surprised about – they are incredibly awesome!! I have another order coming up for Easter. Our guidance department secretary wanted me to make some cupcakes for her for Easter and I gladly accepted her offer. Her daughters love chocolate, so I’m making a chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, and a vanilla butter cream. I won’t give away how I’m going to decorate them, but they are going to be very classy but extremely cute. I’m in the middle of a trial run right now. I’m going to bring one to her tomorrow to taste test it. I’m pretty sure she’s going to love them!

So, there you have it! Those are all projects I am determined to complete during my week off from school (well, at least #1-4 and the cupcakes). Stay tuned to see how much I can get done and how I did them! I hope everyone has a fantastic week πŸ™‚ Happy crafting,

~ Traci


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