Sewing Inspired Birthday Gift

Happy Friday everyone! Spring break is winding down to a close and I am NOT ready to go back to work [a tear just trickled down my face]. I have extremely enjoyed being able to go to sleep when I want, wake up when I want, drink coffee every morning, catch up on some tv shows, work in the yard, and work on several craft projects!

I do apologize for not posting anything until today. I have done a little something each day on each of my projects – however I am not finished with everything! But as promised, one of the craft projects of the week was my sister’s birthday gift, and I did manage to get that one done! My original inspiration came from Pottery Barn Teen, seen below.


I wanted to create something like this board, but I knew I was going to have to scale it down. I brainstormed and thought about doing several squares like the ones above. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized it would be quite difficult to try to put everything together on one board. I brainstormed some more and decided to go with four distinct pieces. One would be a chalkboard, one would be a corkboard, and the other two would be art pieces. Below is what I started with.


When I bought the frames at Hobby Lobby (they were 50% off), I bought four different frames (black/brown/gold/silver). I thought they would look cool and eclectic mixed together, but unfortunately it was just way too busy. After talking to my mom, I took her suggestion and decided to paint the frames one color. I spray painted them all with primer, then did two coats of a cream color, and then finished them with a top coat. They turned out pretty well except for one that started to crackle.

I had some leftover chalkboard paint from a project my hubby worked on a while ago, so I used that to paint four layers onto the glass of one of the larger frames.


For the corkboard, I bought a roll of cork and cut out two pieces that fit the glass of the other larger frame. I used my hot glue gun and glued both cork pieces to the back of the frame. [I placed the textbooks on top of the glued corkboard so that it would flatten out] Once the glue had cooled, I took my fabric, ironed it, laid it over the cork, and stapled it to the corkboard (with our handy-dandy staple gun that we got as a wedding present).


For one of the art pieces, I wanted to use a silhouette of a sewing machine. I googled images of a sewing machine, printed it out to the size I needed, cut it out, traced it onto black scrapbook paper, cut that out, and glued it to my background paper. It took a long time, but it was worth it because it looks great!


For the final art piece, I wanted to use a cute quote about sewing. I bought a set of 2″ letter stencils at Hobby Lobby but they wouldn’t fit my original quote idea, “Sew on and sew forth”. So, I used another, “Sew many ways”. I traced the letters onto cream paper, cut them out (that took over an hour to do), and glued them onto the green paper. To make sure everything was straight, I used a ruler and taped it to the paper. I wanted to use some sewing items in the picture as well, so I bought some ribbon, buttons and thread and went to work. I cut and glued the ribbon to the background paper and then threaded the buttons through the paper. Pretty cool, right? Because the ribbon I used was ‘slippery’, it didn’t glue down very straight, but I’m not sure what could have prevented it. Anyone have any ideas?


And finally, here’s everything together!


I am super glad with how it all turned out! Sure, a few things didn’t go exactly as planned (which usually happens), but overall, I am pleased with each individual piece and am even more pleased with the overall creation! The thing I like most about this project is that it could be adapted to any hobbies (like scrapbooking, cooking/baking, etc). You could definitely take this idea farther and add more frames or keep it simple with four. The possibilities are endless!!

Whew! I am tired you guys…my husband and I just spent an hour outside planting a few bushes for the front yard. We still haven’t removed all of the bushes and mulch that the previous owners had, but hopefully, we will get that done tomorrow or Sunday. We’ve also got a landscaper coming tomorrow morning to give us a quote on a few things. Also, we bought some chairs for the front porch at Home Depot this week. We still have to prime and paint them, but I will definitely put up pictures when they’re done 🙂 I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Friday evening and your weekend! Happy crafting,

~ Traci


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