DIY Spring Wreath

Greetings once again to you all! Today, hubby and I went back to work. I thought I would completely dread it, but it wasn’t too terrible. It’s a good reminder that we only have two more months to go until summer!!

Including the sewing inspired birthday gift, the potted plants, and the Easter cupcakes, I had told you all that I planned on creating a spring wreath for our front door. Well, I have completed it and am going to share it with you now πŸ™‚

I started with the branch wreath and initial, both I found at Jo-Ann’s.


I debated over what color to paint the wreath and letter. I wanted to do a coral wreath with a mint colored “S”. The only bad part about my decision was the coral color. Unfortunately, spray paint doesn’t come in coral. You either get pink or orange, not a mixture of the two. So I was forced to change my color choice. While looking at the spray paint selection at Ace, I saw this fuchsia/purple color and thought it would look really pretty paired with mint. So I bought it. I came home, spray painted it with two coats of primer, and then did several coats of the fuchsia (I probably did about 4 coats total). And then for the “S”, I used a small bottle of a minty green acrylic paint (3 coats) and afterwards spray painted it with a glossy top coat.


After looking through all of the fabric flowers at Hobby Lobby, I found a few that I liked. I decided to mix two burlap flowers with one cream colored silky flower. I had bought some burlap ribbon to hang the wreath with, but because of where our hook is located on the front door, it wouldn’t work.


I attached the “S” to the wreath by tying it with fishing line. It was a little hard to do, but I managed to get it done without too much of a struggle. When I hung the wreath on the hook, I decided to place the flowers in the upper left hand corner. And I absolutely love the overall look! I can’t wait to make more for each major holiday! In the future, though, I am going to buy larger wreaths. The door can definitely handle the size of a bigger wreath. Here’s a few pictures of the completed wreath, including the pretty potted plants from yesterday πŸ˜€


It’s amazing what a few small changes can really do to brighten up a space! I’ll be even more excited when we have our chairs painted (and buy a new door mat) πŸ˜‰

One day down for the week, only four more to go! Looking forward to the weekend (like I always do). Saturday morning, John and I are helping out with the ACT (boring work but easy money). That night, we’re having some friends over. We’re going to grill out and hopefully have a fire (complete with smores – that is, if it’s not raining)! Have a great rest of your week everyone πŸ™‚ And happy crafting,

~ Traci


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