DIY Mother’s Day Card

Good afternoon to all on this overcast and rainy Sunday here in SC! I know I didn’t post anything last week, and I apologize for that. What I had hoped to accomplish (painting the porch chairs) did not happen. All three chairs have been primed, so now we just need to paint them black. The reason why it’s taking so long is because each chair takes 2-3 hours to paint (there are a lot of nooks and crannies). Well, if you’re a perfectionist like me, it takes 2-3 hours to do. But if you rush, then it comes out sloppy…

Since I didn’t get the chairs done, I had nothing to blog about, so that is why I didn’t post anything last week. I hope you can forgive me for the absence. I’ll make up this week by posting twice! Today, I’m going to show/explain how to make a cute and pretty easy Mother’s Day card. And later this week, I’ll talk about a new cupcake recipe!

Alright, so I knew I wanted to hand make my mother’s day cards this year (like I do almost every year). I searched Pinterest for inspiration and found this card. It was super cute and looked really easy to make.


I started with my card (I bought a pack of 50 cards and envelopes yesterday at Hobby Lobby since they were on sale).


Next, I took my red and yellow-ish/white-ish polka dot background paper and glued it to almost the entire front of the card. I left about an inch from the top open (since I was going to be adding in a little decoration there).


I had some sparkly teal 3D stickers so I decided to use those for the “mom” part. I stuck them to white paper and cut around a rectangle around it.


I glued the “mom” part to some yellow paper and cut off the sides. I used a scalloped set of scissors to cut the top and bottom to make a ‘border’. After cutting, I glued it to the middle of the polka dot paper.


I didn’t have any good flower stickers to use (like the one in the middle right of the inspiration photo), so I decided to create my own. I layered three different sizes of 3D scrapbooking flowers together. To make them stick together, I used super glue…yes, super glue. In the middle, I glued a button instead of using a brad (I didn’t have a red brad, so that’s why I used a button). And then I glued the flower to the bottom right of the card.


The last thing I did was add the curly q’s and dots up top. Unfortunately, I was not able to get a good picture of that part. But I did get one of the finished product.


Pretty cute, if I do say so myself! I just hope my two mother’s feel the same, but I’m sure they will 🙂

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday! I’m going to be trying a new cupcake recipe, so keep your eyes peeled 🙂 Happy crafting,

~ Traci


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