Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes

This past weekend was super busy for me. I had “Grease” performances Friday and Saturday night. I also made cupcakes for Mother’s Day and for the cast and crew of the musical. Today, I will tell you about the Mother’s Day cupcakes. One of my mom’s favorite treats is chocolate covered fruit, especially dark chocolate and strawberries. So I knew I just had to make a chocolate and strawberry cupcake for her!

I found this recipe from Lizzy at Your Cup of Cake. I did some tweaking though. Here’s what I did:

For the cake, I actually didn’t make this part. Since I had a lot of components to complete for these cupcakes (and the other cupcakes), my sister helped me out by making the cake batter. Unfortunately when she was scooping the batter into the liners, she could only get 15 cupcakes out of it, instead of the typical 24. Oh well! We really just needed enough for the five of us, so I was ok with that.

While she was busy making the cake batter, I was busy making the ganache for the strawberries and the topping. For the ganache, I boiled 2 cups of heavy cream, 1/2 cup of powdered sugar, and 1/8 tsp salt. Once it was boiling, I poured it over 1 1/2 bags of dark chocolate chips. After letting the cream sit over the chips, I stirred it until everything had combined completely. I had already washed the strawberries, so all I had to do then was dip them in the ganache. I placed the strawberries on wax paper and set them in the fridge to harden. Side note: I didn’t realize that when making ganache, you’re supposed to use brick chocolate, not chocolate chips. Oops!! At least I know for next time 🙂

Next, I made the filling. I wanted to make a strawberry filling, so I looked online and found a recipe here. Although I followed the recipe exactly, my filling did not thicken 😦 Since the consistency was so liquidy, my sister and mom told me to add some of the ganache to the filling to try to thicken it up. It didn’t thicken up as much as I wanted, but I still filled the cupcakes with the strawberry/chocolate mixture. Thankfully it tasted great!

For the buttercream, I doubled the ingredients as usual. The taste of the frosting reminded me of the strawberry part from Neapolitan ice cream. Before piping the frosting on the cupcake, I took the ganache and spread it on top. Then when the ganache had cooled/set, I frosted them with the buttercream. With the leftover ganache, I drizzled it on top of the buttercream. Lastly, I sprinkled pink sugar and added a chocolate covered strawberry for garnish. And boy did they turn out pretty!


I’ve got a couple of other cupcake flavors I’ve tried out recently, so keep your eyes peeled for those posts! I’m also planning on painting our porch chairs this weekend – I hope I can get them done…but we’ll see!! Happy crafting,

~ Traci


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