DIY Spa Party: Supplies

Hola amigos!

Sometimes I feel like I write the same opening in my posts, so I like to shake it up every so often…hence, the Spanish ;-P

Today, I would like to share the next step in planning a spa party: gathering supplies. I already had some supplies from previous parties, but I had to purchase a few more. The pictures below are of the items I purchased specifically for the party.

You might notice that mostly everything is clear in color and either glass or plastic. I did this because I wanted to use the same materials over and over for any party theme in the future. Clear goes with everything!


In the photo above, I bought all of the clear bowls at Dollar Tree and the blue container my mom got at…honestly, I don’t know where she got it :-/

The biggest bowls on the left I used for chips; the middle bowls I used for dips; and the smaller bowls on the right I used for fruit and veggies. The blue container I used for the candy buffet.


For the drinks, I had originally bought a two-drink dispenser (where one drink dispenser sits on top of another). I bought it at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago, cleaned it out, and set it aside until the day of the party. Not a wise idea!

The day of the party, I poured in the drinks and noticed a leak in both dispensers, in the same area! The nozzle wasn’t completely secured against the glass, so the drinks slowly trickled out. John tried to fix it, but couldn’t get it to work. So he willingly drove to Wal-Mart to find another drink dispenser. He ended up buying the two separate dispensers pictured above. We poured in the drinks and had no problems with leaks! This just goes to show you that you should always check these things BEFORE the day of the party!! [We took the double dispenser back to TJ Maxx for a refund!]

For drinking glasses, I knew I wanted to buy some mason jars (I got mine at Wal-Mart). They are the latest rage, and I totally see why. They have a unique/vintage/cool vibe to them. The other glasses pictured are some plastic wine glasses that I bought at Dollar Tree. I used the wine glasses for the cocktail, and the mason jars for punch and tea. The platters underneath the mason jars (yes, there are two of them there) I used to display the glasses.

To go with the mason jars, I bought some paper straws at Hobby Lobby (see picture below).


For the food, you’ll definitely need plates (duh!). I bought both large and small ones, just to be safe. You’ll also need napkins – I bought blue and green ones to add some color.

For the silverware, I bought some silver-looking plastic wear at Dollar Tree. And the clear plastic tongs on the left (in front of the plates), I bought to use for the fruit and veggies (so people wouldn’t have to use their hands). I bought some other tongs and scoops but didn’t end up using them. I could have returned them, but I figure I’ll keep them and use them for future parties.

Lastly, on the right are some picture frames. My sister and mom bought those the morning of the party at Dollar Tree (or maybe Dollar General). They were used to identify what each food item was. Again, I wanted to use colors that could be used for any party theme in the future, hence the silver frame.


Now for the spa part (finally)! For the pedicures, I bought a couple of large plastic bowls. For the manicures, I bought a couple of small plastic bowls. Both I purchased at Dollar General. Since these would be used for nail purposes only, I decided to buy blue to go with the spa theme.

I also wanted to have enough towels on hand. Although my husband and I have plenty of towels we could have used, I didn’t want to use our good towels, in case something got ruined. Plus, none of our towels were the right color – aesthetics are very important for me with any party! So I checked Amazon and found a set of 12 white wash cloths and a set of 12 white hand towels. When I opened the packages, I was pleased with the hand towels. However, I was extremely disappointed with the washcloths. They looked like they had already been used! I washed them and they still looked dirty 😦 Won’t purchase those ever again!!

Oh well…after being rolled up and placed in a basket (baskets purchased at a dollar store…not sure which one), they look somewhat better.


Finally, the supplies to complete the spa party! The gloves were for my sister and I to use if we didn’t want to touch people’s feet with our hands. But we didn’t end up using them. The coconut oil was bought from Amazon for the foot scrub. The little glass jar with the gold lid was for the DIY hand/foot scrub station – I bought them at Jo-Ann’s. Next to that are the essential oils (bought from Nature’s kiss products). The rest of the supplies I bought the day before the party, when I knew how many people were coming.

I bought each person their own pumice stone, nail file, nail brush, cuticle trimmer, and metal nail file stick thing (not sure what it’s really called but it helps clean out gunk from underneath the nail). I didn’t want to use all of my supplies for people (for health reasons), so that’s the reason I bought the individual supplies. I used sandwich bags to put their supplies in when we had finished doing their nails, so they could take them home. These supplies I found at Big Lots, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Roses, and Wal-Mart.

So, there you have it! Those are supplies that I personally needed to purchase in order to complete a perfect spa party!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend! Happy crafting,

~ Traci


One thought on “DIY Spa Party: Supplies

  1. The blue three-division tray is from Dollar Tree, as are the baskets, FYI. It might be helpful for people who are thinking of throwing a spa party and using your blog for instruction, to include some prices. Like, I spent $100 on plastic-wear, $50 on decorations, $75 on food…ect. Maybe a whole separate budget post?

    Just an idea

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