DIY Spa Party: Drinks


At any party, you always find drinks. Whether the host provides them or you BYOB, drinks are always present. For my spa party, I wanted to offer several drink options: water, coffee, tea, punch, and a cocktail.

In the photo above between the tea and punch dispensers, you’ll see my water “pitcher” and a couple of white ramekins. I filled the pitcher with ice and water and offered lemon and lime wedges to go with.

Also in the photo above (on the left), you’ll see my coffee pot. I made a pot of coffee (Folger’s) and offered cream (both half-and-half and heavy whipping cream) and sugar – nothing fancy.

Peach Tea (for a 1.5 gallon pitcher)


*20 bags peach tea

*10 bags regular tea

*1 1/2 cups sugar


*peach slices


My mom and I did this in two batches. For the first batch, I took the 20 bags of peach tea and set them inside a 4-cup glass measuring cup. After filling it with water, I cooked it in the microwave for 5 minutes. I then let it seep for 8 minutes. Once it had seeped, I poured it into my drink dispenser and mixed it with the sugar until most of the sugar had dissolved.

For the second batch, my mom took over the tea (my sister needed to do my hair and makeup). She took the 10 bags of regular tea and repeated the process above (put in the glass measuring cup, fill with water, cook for 5 minutes, seep for 8 minutes). Once it had seeped,Β  she added it to the drink dispenser and mixed until all sugar was dissolved. Next, she added enough water to fill 3/4 of the container. She made sure to taste it several times until she thought it was just right (sweet but not “I just got a cavity” sweet). Right before the party guests were scheduled to arrive, she cut up a peach and added the slices to the tea – for flavor and aesthetics.

Apple Cranberry Punch (for a 1.5 gallon pitcher)


*32 oz apple juice, chilled

*12 oz can frozen cranberry concentrate

*1 cup orange juice

*1 1/2 liters ginger ale

*apple slices


In my drink dispenser, I combined the apple juice, cranberry juice concentrate (I set mine out to soften so it would stir better), and orange juice. I stirred until everything was mixed well. Then I added the ginger ale. You could always add more/less of an item, depending on your tastes πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, time got away from me and I was unable to add my apple slices to the punch. Oh well!


Aphrodite’s Elixir

I apologize you guys, but for this drink, there is no recipe :-/ I originally found this drink that sounded great, so I bought all of the ingredients. However, since it was an individual recipe, I wasn’t sure how much of each item would be needed for a gallon-sized pitcher…thankfully my sister was there! She added the ingredients and mixed everything together until it tasted just right – she even added some orange juice and sprite to the mix to make it taste even better! As a garnish, she added grapefruit slices to make it look really pretty πŸ™‚


I know I already told you about purchasing the mason jars and plastic wine glasses, but I wanted to show you how they looked at the party. I set the mason jars on the silver platter and stuck the straws in them (actually, Tamara set up the mason jars and straws). They were to be used for the punch, tea, and/or water.



For the cocktail, I wanted to use the plastic wine glasses. To make them fancier, my sister took a piece of grapefruit, squeezed it around the rim, and ran the rim through some red sugar. She also added the red sugar to the bottom of the glass. Lastly, she added a grapefruit wedge on each glass. Fancy, no?

I was extremely pleased – partly because everything looked/tasted amazing, but mostly because of my awesome mom and sister!! If they hadn’t been there to help me get it all ready, I probably would have had a heart attack from all the stress! Haha just kidding πŸ˜‰ But I probably would have been a basket-case, annoying the crap out of my husband!

We only have two posts left about the spa party! And for the next post, I’ll talk about the spa stations I created…so keep your eyes peeled! Happy crafting,

~ Traci


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