DIY Spa Party: Spa Stations

There are several ways you could host a spa party. One way is to have your guests do the pampering themselves. This means they would be in charge of their own manicure, pedicure, etc. Another way is to have your guests pamper each other. For example, people could “partner up” and do each other’s mani, pedi, etc. The last is to find volunteers (or hire some helpers) to do the pampering for your guests.

At my spa party, I went with the last option. I asked a couple of high school girls that were in my math class this year if they would be willing to help me. As it turns out, I didn’t end up needing their help because I didn’t have a big turnout. So, it was just going to be me who would be pampering my friends; but thankfully, my sister was gracious enough to offer her assistance! [My mom was a big help too! She was the “errand girl” šŸ™‚ If anyone needed anything, she got it for us!] Since there were only going to be two of us working, I needed to create stations. That way, if Tamara and I were busy, the other ladies could visit another station (or simply enjoy the food, drinks, and/or cupcakes).


The ladies in the middle and on the right are both teachers at my school. The lady on the left is the wife of a fellow teacher in the same district.

I set up my coffee table in my living room as the designated pedicure table (I used a white vinyl table cloth to cover it). When I was working on the pedicures, the ladies sat on the couch while I sat on the floor between the couch and table. That way, they were comfortable and I had easy access to their feet. [My body hurt the next day from the position I was sitting in – so you might not want to sit on the floor like I did]


This is another teacher at my school. She also teaches math and is two doors down from me. [I’m the one on the right]


The manicure table

My mom brought up a small round table from her back porch for me to use as the designated manicure table (I used a blue vinyl table cloth to cover it). I positioned the table in the living room where I had some extra space (although I had to move an ottoman out of the living room in order for it to fit comfortably!).

Unfortunately, I don’t have any other pictures of the stations…time really got away from us! Please forgive me :-/

I decided to make the dining room table a DIY hand scrub station. I provided the ingredients, the jars, and the directions – all the ladies had to do was pick their scent and mix the ingredients!

The last station was a hair and makeup station. My sister was 100% in charge of this station (I can’t do hair or makeup very well – if at all). She is an exceptional hair stylist and makeup artist!! She had her curling irons, flat irons, hairspray, and makeup all spread out/organized and ready to go.

You could add two more stations to your spa party, if you have extra help. You could have a massage station and a facial station. I really wanted to offer a station for massages, but I didn’t have enough workers (Tamara, my mom, and I were just too busy)! In the end, we wouldn’t have had enough time for massages any way…somehow, the three hours flew by just doing mani’s, pedi’s, hair, makeup, and the hand scrub. I completed two pedicures and a manicure, and my sister completed two hair-do’s, one makeup, and one manicure. I think talking to the party guests really slowed me down, but I wouldn’t change anything! I thought the party was a big success and I had a great time!!

I do want to say this: I originally invited about 20 people to my party; however, only 4 people actually came (excluding my mom and sister). I was really, REALLY bummed about this at first. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It’s a good thing only a few people were able to come. If there had been 10 or more people there, it wouldn’t have been as calm and relaxing (as a spa party should be). Plus, not everyone would have been able to get a mani or pedi, or their hair or makeup done.

All in all, everything worked out really well and I was extremely pleased with the success of the party. I ended up having way more food and drinks than I needed, but hubby and I were able to enjoy the leftovers over the next week šŸ™‚ Well everything except for the buffalo chicken dip…

I almost forgot! When I throw themed parties, I like to have door prizes and I like the door prizes to match the party theme. One of the prizes for this party, I already owned. I had gotten a bath set from Bath and Body Works for Christmas and hadn’t used it yet. For the second prize, I bought a set of nail beauty items (nail polish, nail stickers, nail pens, etc). The third prize was a $10 giftcard to Ulta. The day of the party, my sister bought some more beauty supplies for a 4th prize (since we were going to have 4 ladies present, she didn’t want someone to go home empty-handed). She bought a mix of facials amongst other things (I don’t remember what all she bought), and she got a cute tote to put it all in.


The chevron print bags were purchased at Hobby Lobby

We are almost finished with the spa party posts – only one more to go! The final post will contain the spa recipes and essential “ingredients” you’ll need to create your own party at home. I hope everyone has an incredible weekend!! Happy crafting,

~ Traci


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