Handmade Card {3}

Well you guys, I am back from my PA vacation, and I have a card design to share with you!

Before we get to the card, let me tell you about our trip! It takes about 9 hours to drive from our house up to hubby’s parent’s house. On Thursday (July 11th), we got up and hit the road at 6am. We made our usual stop in Charlotte for a Panera bagel and hit some not-so-fun traffic and rain :-/ We stopped once more for gas and lunch at Dairy Queen. I don’t recommend DQ’s burgers, but their blizzards are pretty fantastic, especially the new s’mores blizzard – it is SO GOOD!! We arrived at John’s parent’s house around 5:00 that evening. For dinner, his mom, neighbor, and I went to Bravo. We were celebrating their neighbor’s wife’s end of chemotherapy (she had breast cancer). I had the salmon salad and I completely recommend it!

Friday, we hung out at the house for most of the morning and afternoon. Around 4:00, John, his parents, and myself took the trolly into downtown Pittsburgh for the Pirates game. Everyone who went to the game got a free t-shirt, so that was pretty awesome! We all had a great time. I really LOVE watching baseball games – my dad and I enjoyed doing that together when I was growing up. The game went into extra innings, and thankfully, the Pirates won!

On Saturday morning, all of us loaded up the car and hit up some nearby estate and yard sales. John’s mom and I scored nicely with some scrapbooking supplies. The ladies had a great deal – $3 to fill a box of scrapbook paper and $5 to fill a bag with everything else. I probably had a few hundred dollars worth of paper and embellishments, but I only spent $8…MASSIVE SCORE! It was fun running around with John’s parents (and we squeezed in another trip to Panera for a bagel and coffee). When we got back to the house, I immediately started getting ready – we had a wedding to go to that afternoon! The ceremony was at a catholic church and the reception was at a banquet hall, both were absolutely beautiful locations. At the reception, I felt like I was experiencing deja vu. The room with all of the decor and lighting was almost exactly like my sister’s reception. We enjoyed the evening eating, drinking, and taking pictures at the awesome photo booth.

Sunday morning, we all got up early to go to another huge local flea market. I didn’t find any scores (like I did yesterday), but it was still fun to look at everyone’s odds-and-ends. We stopped at an Eat’n Park for breakfast and I had the s’mores pancakes…they were quite delicious! The rest of the day was spent at John’s parent’s house relaxing. For dinner, John’s brother, Tommy, and his two daughter’s came over. The girls spent the night with us, while Tommy went back home.

Monday morning we spent chilling at the house. After lunch, everybody (John, his parents, the girls, and I) loaded up in the cars and headed for Pittsburgh’s amusement park, Kennywood. John used to work there, so a friend of his was able to score us half-off tickets! I had SO MUCH fun! Since it was a Monday and it was really hot, it wasn’t really crowded. The most time we spent waiting for a ride was 20 minutes. There were definitely some coasters there that I did not like, but there was one in particular I absolutely LOVED! I rode it 3 times I loved it so much šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ I am really glad we finally got to go (John’s been talking about taking me since we began dating back in 2009)!

Tuesday morning and afternoon were spent at the house, hanging out. In the evening, we met up with some of John’s friends for dinner at an Italian restaurant.

And then Wednesday morning, John and I got up to head back to SC around 7 am. All in all, it was an extremely great time spent with John’s parents! I look forward to spending Christmas with them this year!!

Alright, now to the card design! I found the inspiration for this card on Pinterest. It’s actually from Etsy, but it’s no longer available to purchase šŸ˜¦


First, I started with my two coordinating papers, one flowery and one striped. I cut them both down, making the striped paper significantly smaller and glued them together.


Then I cut my ribbon and taped it to the back of the paper. I tried to cross my ribbon so that the spot where they crossed was more towards the left of the card, but it ended up more towards the middle :-/


Next I took my button and threaded it with my ribbon. I tied it into a bow and cut the ends down to fit the card. I attached the button to the card with a scrapbook photo sticker (the double sided rectangular ones).


For the saying, I used a set of small stamps and spelled out “just saying” and then I took my “thanks” stamp and stamped it underneath. I then cut it down and attached the cream paper to some purple paper. Sorry for the blurriness…I have a crappy camera šŸ˜¦ šŸ˜¦


Lastly, I attached the “just saying thanks” part to the card. And it turned out really cute! I am quite pleased with it šŸ™‚ And the best part about the card is that you could make it any theme (birthday, anniversary, baby, etc).


I made this card for John’s parents. I wanted to send a special thank you to them for taking care of us throughout the week. They paid for most of our food and a few activities, and they also gave us a piece of furniture that I fell in love with (picture to come).

I hope you all have a great week! Happy crafting,

~ Traci


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