DIY Cupcake Birthday Card

Hey everybody! I’m back from my FL vacation and I am ready to share another handmade card with you! While I was in FL, I was able to celebrate my friend Michelle’s birthday with her. I wanted to make a card for her because she is a friend I’ve known since high school and she is very near and dear to my heart – I’ve known her for 12 years!!

I started with my card and my background paper. I cut the background paper a little larger than the card and “stuck” it to the card with those scrapbooking squares. I then trimmed off the overlapping edges.


Next, I used a piece of leftover scalloped paper from my Spa party invitations and attached it to the background paper.


For the cupcake, I used a stencil set my mom had given me. I used a white and teal striped paper (like I used for the Father’s Day card) for the liner.


For the icing part of the cupcake, I used a light pink card stock. I cut out the icing part and an extra squiggly part. The squiggly is going to go where the icing meets the liner (I’m sorry if that sounds confusing). I think it adds a nice texture/3D effect to the overall cupcake.


To add some more textural effects, I had to add a cherry on top complete with sprinkles! The cherry is made up of a circle and a “rounded stick”. The sprinkles are pink brads.


Before attaching the cupcake to the card, I made two “ribbons” out of scrapbook paper. One paper has a flowery pattern, the other a solid. They both incorporate pink, like the icing. I cut the strips longer than I needed and placed them where I wanted them to go on the background paper. I used a scrapbook square sticker to keep them stuck together (as you’ll see below). I also used a pencil and marked where to place them after I cut them to look like ribbons (you can sort of see the pencil mark in the first picture). Then I cut the other ends to look like a ribbon.


Next, I attached the cupcake to the card.


And for the finishing touch, I took some really small alphabet letters that I got at Michael’s for $1 and stamped out the word ‘celebrate’ on the pink paper ribbon. I’m not really happy with how light it turned out (you can barely see it). Also, you can see a few places where the edge of the stamp got on the paper (I HATE it when that happens)… 😦


Alright, so it’s not exactly perfect, but it is pretty cute! And my friend, Michelle, really loved it, and that’s all that really matters 🙂


The next few posts won’t be about anything crafty or cupcake-y…Instead, I’ll tell you all about my trip to FL! So stay tuned 🙂 Happy crafting,

~ Traci


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