Halloween Wreath

I apologize for being absent these last couple of days…alright weeks. School work and cupcakes have been keeping me really busy! Although I’ve been heading to work early and leaving later, I can’t seem to catch up. And it’s not just me – other teachers on my hall share the same feeling. Sometimes, I wish I had a job where I didn’t have to bring work home with me, but then again, those summers off are exceptionally nice.

Anyways, since it is the first of October, I thought it would be nice to share my Halloween wreath I made for our front door. Honestly, I hadn’t planned on making a Halloween wreath. I was just going to make an “Autumn” wreath that could be used for October and November, but hubby thought it would be nice to have a Halloween themed one. So I decided to appease him.

I started with my wreath from Jo Anns.


I bought two spools of purple and white polka dot ribbon, wrapped the wreath with it, and used super glue to keep it together.


I bought the “BOO” letters at Hobby Lobby and painted them orange.


At the dollar store, I saw these foam characters and decided to use the ghost and spider. Because they were extremely thin to begin with, I reinforced them with a thicker piece of foam. But there was something missing. I decided to jazz them up with glitter – silver for the ghost and black for the spider.


Next was placement of the “BOO” and the characters. I used some Scotch velcro squares and super glue to affix the items to the wreath.


The last step is to hang it on the door! Unfortunately, the letters made the wreath hang lopsided, so I used another velcro square to stick the wreath on the door.


There you have it! I hope you have a great rest of your week 🙂 Happy crafting,

~ Traci



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