In Loving Memory


Getting ready for Tamara’s wedding


After my college graduation

I consider myself extremely blessed to have grown up with both sets of grandparents who faithfully serve the Lord. My Dad’s parents live in SC, so we’ve gotten to see them fairly regularly throughout the years. But my Mom’s parents live in KY, so we only see them once in a while.

My Mom’s parents have struggled with their health the last couple of years. Unfortunately, my Grandmother has Alzheimer’s and her mind has been steadily slipping away. During the Thanksgiving break, my Mom and Dad went up to visit them. When they took Grandma to the doctor, he didn’t have good news. She had had some renal failure and the doctor said that there was nothing they could do.

Since then, Grandma’s mind has grown more and more distant. Mom calls her and she won’t ever acknowledge that she knows who it is (Mom can tell it in her voice that she doesn’t recognize her). Because of Grandma’s health being so poor, she’s suffered a few really bad falls. In the early morning hours on Sunday December 8th, Grandma (who was placed in a nursing home for physical therapy) took a bad spill. She hit her head and lost a lot of blood. Sadly, she passed away later that morning.

I had no idea about Grandma’s passing until I woke up. I made a pot of coffee and checked my facebook, like I usually do on the weekends. The first post was from my cousin who lives in KY. She mentioned Grandma’s passing and asked for prayers for the family. I had to read it three times before actually processing it. I called home to confirm the news with my parents. My Dad answered, and before I had time to ask, he confirmed my fear.

I cried quite a bit that morning and throughout parts of the day, as you can imagine. I didn’t/don’t feel bad for Grandma. She’s in heaven praising the Lord and playing with her son, Tony – she’s not suffering any longer! Although I don’t grieve for Grandma, I do grieve for my Grandpa, Mom, Aunt Terri (mom’s sister), and Aunt Jeanette (Grandma’s sister). They’ve lost someone very dear to them, and I can only imagine how much they are hurting.

Grandma’s funeral was on Saturday, December 14th in KY, so John and I drove up Friday in time for the viewing that evening. That was hard for me. I’ve never seen a dead body before, so I was nervous about seeing Grandma in the casket. It turned out not as bad as I thought it would be. Grandma just looked like she was sleeping. We hung out with Grandpa at his house that evening before heading to our hotel for the night.

Saturday was similar to Friday, however, in the morning, we gathered for a big breakfast at Grandpa’s house. The funeral was…for lack of a better word, good. The singing, sermon, and eulogy were all very nice. The end though when we had to say goodbye to Grandma for the last time was difficult for us all. Thankfully with my family right beside me and with the strength of the Lord, we all made it through. After our goodbyes, we went downstairs at the church and ate a nice meal provided by friends of Grandma and Grandpa.

That evening we again spent time with family at Grandpa’s house. We reminisced of times gone by and laughed at the fun memories we shared together. It was sad to leave everyone that night (some of us had to get up early Sunday morning to head home). I am praying that Grandpa finds strength and comfort to get through each day. He’s going to try to stay busy, hopefully by getting his old job back at Napa. John and I have already decided that we are going to visit him this upcoming summer on our way to PA (the main reason will be to see Grandpa, but another reason is because we didn’t get to explore much of Louisville while we were there).

Although death is not a fun part of life, it still is a part of life. We do not get to choose when we leave this earth – only the Lord knows. Because of my Grandma, I am going to try to live a life like hers – a faithful servant of the Lord. I am going to have a more Christ-like attitude. I want to have an amazing legacy like my Grandma’s!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I know this isn’t related to anything I normally blog about, but it’s a part of life. And when you think about it, blogging is all about life – so really, it’s fitting! I pray blessings and peace throughout the Christmas/New Year’s celebrations for you all.

~ Traci


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