Spring/Summer Wreath

Alright before you say anything, I know spring has come and gone, and summer is well underway. But being super busy with school, baby, and house stuff, I haven’t been able to make a wreath (complete with pictures) for the last few months…until today.

A good friend of mine recently moved from Florence to Hartsville (yay! she now lives 5 minutes away from me instead of 45!!) with her husband and two dogs. I knew I wanted to make her something as a housewarming gift, and I figured a wreath would be perfect.

I started with a round styrofoam wreath from Hobby Lobby. I waited until ribbon was half off, and I bought 4 rolls of the 1.5″ gray/white chevron. I ended up only using 2 and 3/4 of the ribbon I bought (I’ll keep the rest for future projects). Using super glue to hold the ends of the ribbon, I wrapped the wreath until it was all covered.



I like using fabric flowers on my wreaths (especially for any spring and/or summer wreath). Unfortunately, they don’t usually go on sale at Hobby Lobby (at least, I’ve never seen them on sale before). But you can always use the 40% coupon they have every day (it’s only good for one regular priced item though). I bought two white, two gray, and two teal flowers for my friend’s wreath. I like these flowers the best because they have pins on the back of them so you can remove them if you want to change out the color(s)!




The last part to complete the wreath was the initial. I bought one of those MPI wood letters from Hobby Lobby and decided to paint it yellow. I did two coats on the side of the “F” and three on the front.



I decided to attach the “F” to the wreath with some velcro stickers. That way, my friend can change out the initial with whatever color, font, or style of initial she wants!



It turned out great! I even made one for my door 🙂


I used a smaller “S” for my wreath and I super glued it to the wreath (the only thing I did differently).

Well, I’ve got to run! I’m in the middle of making some crafty stuff for my sister’s baby shower in a couple of weeks!! 🙂

Happy crafting,

~ Traci


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