DIY Easter Card

Happy (almost) Easter to you all! As promised earlier this week, I’ve got a super easy handmade card idea for Easter that I am going to share with you today. I had pinned this idea on Pinterest awhile ago and used it as inspiration for today’s card. When I was looking for paper to use as strips in my egg design, I looked for Easter/spring patterns & colors that would compliment each other. However, I wasn’t satisfied with Hobby Lobby’s selection, so I just opted for one piece of multicolored chevron paper.

First, you’ll need your blank card.

DSC_0408Next, you’ll need to trace an “egg” shape on the left side of the open card (more towards the bottom).

DSC_0409Cut out the oval.

DSC_0410Take whatever paper you have and cut out a piece that covers the oval shape. I cut mine to fit the entire length and width of the card.


DSC_0412Then paste the paper behind the “egg” shape.

DSC_0413My original plan was to have just the egg on the front of my card, but as I was shopping around CVS yesterday, I came across an Easter card meant for a child (or children) to send/give to their grandparents. I picked it up, read it, and fell in love with the saying, so I stole it – muah ha ha ha ha ha ha!! As you’ll see below, I took a piece of purple paper leftover from another project and wrote out the saying for the front of the card:

DSC_0414If we had a printer at our house, I would have printed it out (then it would have looked A LOT neater). But alas, we don’t have one…sigh! To jazz it up a bit more, I trimmed the edges with some scalloped scissors. Oooh…aaaaaah!

DSC_0415I thought it was still lacking something…how about a little more color? Yes! So I got some green paper I had leftover from another project and pasted the purple on top of it! Then I cut it out and attached it to the card.


DSC_0417And lastly, the inside of the card! I thought it was a very befitting saying since the theme of the card is an “egg” shape. Too bad I didn’t come up with it lol 😉

DSC_0418Isn’t it EGGS-pecially cute?! Alright, alright, I know that was cheesy, but that’s the kind of girl I am – cheesy girls unite!! I know this might be a little last minute to make (if you are sending the card by mail, that is), but you could easily make it to give to someone on Sunday 🙂 What’s great about this card is you could change the “grandparents” to anything you need it to be!

We don’t have any major plans for Easter Sunday, except church. How about you? Any fun plans or traditions you’ll be doing/participating in? I’d love to hear about them!! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend, and remember…HE IS RISEN!!!

Happy crafting,

~ Traci


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