DIY Birthday Card

It’s Saturday – a day for sleeping in and drinking coffee. I get to do one of those two things (drink coffee!!), and I’m ok with that. My son woke up at 6:10 this morning, so I didn’t get to sleep in…but I don’t mind. After I finished feeding him, I sat him in front of me (facing me) and we had a nice conversation together. It’s those moments – the “talks,” the smiles, the giggles – they make the sleepiness disappear. I truly cherish those moments because I know they won’t last forever. So if not sleeping in means I get to spend some one-on-one time with my sweet natured son, I will take it in a heartbeat!

My Dad’s birthday fell on Easter Sunday this year – he turned 60! Since 60 is a “milestone” birthday, I thought a handmade card would be a better sentiment than a store-bought one. I had liked this idea that I pinned on Pinterest (especially since it looked easy to make), but I don’t own any Washi tape, so I figured I could just use scrapbook paper in place of the tape.

After rummaging through all of my paper, I picked out 5 black and white patterned sheets. {I really didn’t want to have a black and white “gift box” but I didn’t have any other “masculine” colored paper} Since I was going to have a black and white present, I decided to have a colored background. And since red goes so well with black and white, I used red as my background.


You may have noticed that I am not using my standard rectangular shaped card. Nope! I decided to change it up a bit! Below is a picture of the five pieces of paper I chose to use for the gift box. I cut each piece the same length and width to fit my card (a little larger than the actual size that would be on the card – to make up for the “layering” look).


I then layered each strip on top of the last one, making sure that all of the pieces were equal in width. I glued them to some white paper so then I could just glue the entire gift box to the red background all at one time.





Like I said earlier, I cut the stripes a little larger than what I needed since I was layering them on top of one another. For the last piece, I cut it down to the actual size of the other four pieces that are “showing” and then glued it down.



Then I trimmed up the sides of the white background paper and glued it to the card.



Next, I stamped out the words “happy birthday!” on some white paper, cut it out, and attached it to the card. To know how long to make the ends, I first laid it on the card and cut from there.





Lastly, I got some red/white polka dot ribbon (leftover from another project) and tied a bow and attached it to the top of the gift box.




It’s definitely far from perfect (note the not-so-straight edges), but that’s ok – it still looks nice. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Time for some breakfast and coffee!! Have a super fantastic Saturday…and happy crafting!

~ Traci


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