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It’s June 22nd and my last post was on May 29th :-/ I really do intend to write more often, but with an infant, life gets in the way and my blog gets pushed to the back burner.

So what has consumed most of my time over the last month? My two favorite loves, among other things 🙂


Tybee Island (near Savannah, GA)

We went to the beach in GA to visit with family the past two weekends. It was Aiden’s first time at the beach, and he was quite unimpressed. It wasn’t because he didn’t enjoy it per se; he was in MAJOR need of a nap and was too exhausted to fully enjoy the beauty and fun that is the beach.

What else has been occupying my time, you ask? Hubby and I (and all of our fellow teachers) celebrated the END OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!! (can you tell I’m excited?!) The rest of my time has been spent doing special crafts and baking/cooking.

We celebrated Mother’s day and Father’s day, for which I made cards for both my parents and parents-in-law.

For mother’s day, I made a flower pot inspired card since both my mothers love flowers!


And for father’s day, I was inspired to use a grill for my dads, since they both are masters of the grill!


Speaking of mother’s day, I made a burlap wreath for each of my mamas as their gift! The first is my mom’s wreath – already hanging on her door!


Looks great!

This one below is my mother-in-law’s wreath. She lives in PA so we had to wait until she was visiting to give it to her (it would have cost way too much to ship it). Please forgive my guest bed as the photo backdrop 😉


I also celebrated a really good friend’s birthday! We had coffee (a favorite activity we enjoy together), ate some cupcakes (store bought, not my usual homemade ones), and she opened her present: a handmade card and a burlap wreath for her office. {I had already made her a wreath for her front door at home, so I thought I would make her a fun new wreath for her office} I might post a tutorial about how to make the card…the operative word being “might!”



The biggest project that my husband and I took on was a dresser re-do. We have been looking for a long dresser for our bedroom for a while now and we finally found one! I’m not going to go into too much detail about it now, because I am planning on writing a post about how to re-finish a piece of furniture yourself (sometime in the “future”).


The dresser after sanding (sorry I don’t have a picture of the dresser before we sanded it)


Stained top/legs and painted body/drawers


In our bedroom (with the legs on it)


The dresser AFTER – and it’s perfect!!!

Small side project: I had bought an open frame from Hobby Lobby (I think) and had hubby cut out a piece of wood to fit the frame. He stained it and glued it in place. We hung it on the wall where I wanted it to go, and there it has remained for the last…I don’t even know how long – maybe since before Aiden was born, and he’s 8 months old. Wow. Just wow. With the little bit of leftover burlap ribbon from my friend’s wreath, I made a bow and super glued a pin to it and super glued the pin to a clothespin. Now I can change out a picture whenever I want!


Here’s what the wall looks like where this frame hangs:


I also tried a new cupcake recipe (carrot cake), courtesy of Lizzy from Your Cup of Cake. You can find her recipe here. I made these for my best friend (from high school) and her husband. We met up at my parents house for a lovely visit and I decided to celebrate with Michael’s favorite: red velvet and carrot cake {red velvet not pictured}!


I also have a recipe that I am excited to share with you soon – for a wonderfully delicious quiche!

So, in a nutshell, I’ve been staying pretty busy with baby duty, school duties (but now we’re done!), and house duties, with some time leftover for crafts and kitchen fun!

Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming post – probably the quiche recipe 🙂 But with me, who knows?!

I’ll leave you guys with one last picture – my favorite one from our beach vacation…


Happy crafting!

If you’re curious as to the title of this blog post, it comes from the classic animated Disney princess movie “Sleeping Beauty.” Aurora asks the fairies what they are “up to” and before they kick her out of the house to pick some berries, they each respond with “Up to?”, “Up to?”, “Up to?”. Watch it and you’ll see what I’m talking about 🙂

~ Traci


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