I’m back!

Wondering where I’ve been for the last 15 months?!?!?!?!? I guess you could call it a “hibernation” from the blogging world…or something along those lines, anyway.

My last post was from the summer of 2015 (and it was the Samoa Cupcakes recipe I shared with you). Let’s take a step back in time, so I can explain why I’ve been absent from the blogging world.

Summer 2015: School was starting soon. Hubby and I had painted my classroom in June, so I made some cute decorations (in our school colors) to jazz up the white walls a bit.

In September, we had some trouble with our septic tank – yuck!! We had the plumbers come out and pump our tank. The guys who were pumping it told me that typically, you should pump your tank every 5 years or so. Our house was built in 2008 and it had never been pumped before –  no wonder we were having problems!!!

After the septic tank fiasco, hubby and I excitedly awaited our son’s first birthday! We had a baseball themed party and it was a smash! Except, of course, for the flooding that caused my parents, grandparents, sister, and niece not to be able to come…We had a deluge the weekend of his party that caused a lot of damage to our surrounding areas. We were blessed with no major damage, thank God!

And then the unthinkable happened…my father-in-law passed away unexpectedly. Death is tough. I mean, really tough. Particularly when it catches you completely off guard. It’s been just over a year since Ron’s passing, and it is still so hard. I’m actually having a difficult time typing this little paragraph right now. So I’ll just end it with a few pictures of Aiden and his Gampee together 🙂

The next month was extremely tough for us, as you can probably imagine. I don’t even remember if John and I celebrated our anniversary…we were supposed to go down to Savannah for Thanksgiving, but Aiden got sick, so we couldn’t travel. For Christmas, though, my parents and grandparents were able to come up for the day to celebrate with us.

January 2016: Hubby and I bought a really nice dining table and bench. We were using John’s table from his bachelor days, so I was happy to see it go 🙂 Now we’re saving our money for some chairs!



In February, we had more trouble with our septic tank (grrrrrrrr!). We ended up having it totally replaced – and it’s a good thing we did! The guys who were installing the new system said that the people who put it in originally, did it wrong and used the wrong parts! It was a hit to our finances 😦 😦 But the positive in the situation is that we know we have a functioning septic tank that is installed correctly!

March brought our spring break from school. We stayed home and didn’t travel anywhere. I was able to deep clean the entire house! I took one room a day and scrubbed, washed, dusted, vacuumed, mopped, etc. It felt so good knowing everything was clean! And then in the blink of an eye, things got dirty again. It’s really hard to keep a clean house with a husband…and a small child lol 😉

In the summer time, hubby, Aiden, and I stayed busy! We had a new AC unit put in (more energy efficient – yay!), we refinished our front porch church pew, we had new porch posts installed, we traveled to see family, both John and I taught summer school, AND I was in the community theatre’s production of Nunsense. Like I said, we were BUSY this summer!!!


The cast and crew!

The end of the production of Nunsense marked the beginning of this school year. I’m teaching Geometry and Algebra 2 (just like last year). The funny thing is, last year, I liked my Algebra 2 classes more than my Geometry classes. This year, it’s the opposite! Funny how that happens.

We also just recently celebrated Aiden’s second birthday! Thankfully this year, my parents, grandparents, sister, and niece were all able to come up for his party! And John’s mom, aunt, and second cousin were able to travel all the way down from PA to come to his party too!!!

That brings us to today! After having a little over a year off from blogging, I’m ready to dive back in and get going again. I’m thinking about sharing more recipes with you guys, as well as my usual things I share (cupcakes, scrapbooking, and other crafty things). I’ve already got two recipes in mind that I’m looking forward to sharing with you 🙂 And I recently got something crafty in the mail that I’ve started working on and I can’t WAIT to show you what it is!! Looking forward to getting back in the swing of things! Happy crafting!

~ Traci



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