Easy Fall Wreath

Before you say anything…yes, I know it’s November 17th. And yes, I know “fall” is almost over – in a sense (maybe I should have said fall decorations are almost over). Because once Thanksgiving hits next Thursday, people will be taking down their cute fall decorations and putting up their Christmas trees and lights. So before we get to the twinkling lights and shiny glitter that is Christmas, let’s talk about a super easy fall wreath that I just threw together last weekend!

I shared a post three years ago about a Thanksgiving Wreath that I had made, but since we’ve made so many changes to our front entrance of the house (railing taken down, new posts, painted front door, church pew, etc), I decided that it was time for a new wreath.

This time around, I bought a really lightweight styrofoam circle from Hobby Lobby. I used the 40% off coupon since it wasn’t on sale.


I also bought some of their chevron burlap ribbon and orange burlap ribbon (both 50% off!). I cut strips of the chevron burlap ribbon and used some nail head pins to pin the ribbon to the wreath form.

I’ve seen (and pinned) a lot of cute bows and bow tutorials on Pinterest and finally decided to try a bow out for this wreath. I used this tutorial because it seemed fairly simple to follow. Although I did have a little trouble, I stuck with it and created this super cute bow with my orange burlap ribbon! I used super glue (instead of hot glue) to secure my pieces of the bow together. And then I used some sewing pins (with pearl heads) to secure the bow to the top of my wreath.

Since all of the fall decorations were 50% off at Hobby Lobby, I bought some orange/yellow/gold glitter leaves and an orange/yellow/red flower to adorn my fall wreath. I took apart each individual leaf and pinned it to the wreath form. I then also pinned the flower over the leaves. Thankfully, because I was very careful about the placement of my leaves and flower, no pins can be seen! 🙂

The last thing was our initial. I bought the “S” from Hobby Lobby and painted it a nice burgundy red. I super glued a clip to the back so it could easily slide through the burlap ribbon. The only bad thing about this wreath is that once I put the “S” on the wreath, it got a little lopsided (due to the “S” being a little heavier than the leaves/flower combo). Thankfully, my genius husband came up with a brilliant idea!

We have a metal front door, so he suggested a magnet to hold the wreath in place! I super glued a magnet to the bottom back of the wreath, and now it doesn’t hang lopsided anymore! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! Happy girl right here 🙂

And the final product that I AM IN LOVE WITH!!!!!!!!


It really pops against our door!

I’ve been extremely tired lately, which is why I haven’t posted too much. When we come home from school, I wash dishes (since our dishwasher decided to quit on us), get dinner ready, and play with Aiden. Once he goes down for the night, John and I are ready for bed ourselves! I know why John is tired (he’s got mono), but I don’t know why I’ve been so tired…it’s a miracle I’m writing this now! Hopefully having a few days off from school next week for Thanksgiving will give me a little time to rest and recharge my batteries.

I’ll leave you with a few pictures of the other fall/Thanksgiving decor I finished last weekend also for the inside of our home 🙂


Happy crafting!

~ Traci



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