Easy DIY Christmas Card #1

Less than a week to go before Christmas!!! Are you ready?!? My family and I are!

Today, I am sharing with you an incredibly easy homemade Christmas card that you could whip up in a flash for someone special in your life! Here’s what you’ll need:

– blank card

– 7 pieces of scrapbook paper

– pencil, ruler, scissors

– tape, glue

– star punch (optional)

My blank card measures 4″ wide and 5.5″ tall. I bought a pack of 50 blank cards and envelopes from Hobby Lobby, like these here. They’re wonderful for creating your own handmade cards!

You’ll need a total of seven pieces of scrapbook paper to make your Christmas tree: five for the “leaves” of the tree, one for the wood of the tree, and one for the star on top of the tree.

The first thing you want to do is cut the five pieces for the “leaves” of the tree.

I scoured through my “scraps” pile of scrapbook paper and found five pieces that were Christmas themed (red, green, white). The bottom piece (green chevron) measures 0.75″ tall by 3.75″ wide. The next piece up (red/green stripe) measures 0.75″ tall by 3.5″ wide. The next piece up (red plaid) measures 0.75″ tall by 3.25″ wide. The next to last piece up (green medallion) measures 0.75″ tall by 3″ wide. And the last piece on top (red polka dot) measures 0.75″ tall by 2.75″ wide.


Now take those five pieces and flip them over. I taped down the bottom piece to make sure everything stayed in place for this next step (taping down is optional).


On the back of the papers using a pencil and a ruler, draw two lines, creating a trapezoid.


Trim those edges off! Get a piece of brown scrapbook paper and cut out a thin rectangle (for the wood of the tree). Then glue (or tape) the wood to the back of those five pieces, leaving a little space in between each of those five pieces. Don’t forget to glue (or tape) the tree to your card!

The last addition to the tree is, of course, the star! Thankfully, I had a star punch on hand, so I took some gold glitter paper and punched out the small star for the top of the tree. If you don’t have a star punch, you could easily cut out a star shape yourself. Once you cut (or punch) out your star, attach it to the top of your tree!

My card is a thank you card for my grandparents. So on the inside, I stamped “many thanks” in red. And on the back of the card, I stamped my “handcrafted by” in black and added my name 🙂

And voila! Your handmade Christmas card is complete!!!!


Please excuse the mess at the top of the tree where the star is. I used some ultra-control gel super glue to attach my star to the card and it smeared 😦

As you may have noticed from the title of this post, I will be posting another easy Christmas card tutorial this week. So stay tuned for it!

In my last post, I mentioned I’d share with you our Christmas decorations…so here’s a few photos I hope you’ll enjoy!

Johnathan’s idea – the Grinch! One of the art teachers at our school (and her art club students) created him! And he looks A-MAZING!!!

Like I said, I’ll be posting another Christmas card tutorial this week – so keep your eyes peeled for it! Enjoy your last week before Christmas! And happy crafting!

~ Traci


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