Easy DIY Christmas Card #2

As promised, I’ve got another fabulously easy homemade Christmas card tutorial to share with you today!

Yesterday’s Christmas card I shared with you was a thank you card for my grandparents. Today’s card is for my mother-in-law, Leah. It was included in her Christmas package that Johnathan and I put in the mail yesterday. She should be receiving it tomorrow…fingers crossed!

So for today’s card, you’ll need:

– blank card

– five pieces of scrapbook paper*

– ribbon

– small oval stencil

– fine tip marker

– ruler, scissors, tape, glue

*You’ll notice that I used most of the same paper from the first card I made

I used the exact same blank card that I used in yesterday’s tutorial (4 in by 5.5 in). I took my sheet of gold glitter cardstock and cut out a rectangle that measured 3.75 inches by 5.25 inches. I also cut a 1 inch by 4.5 inch piece of green chevron paper, a 1 inch by 3.75 inch piece of red/green stripe paper, and a 1 inch by 3 inch piece of red plaid paper.


With the three small strips of patterned paper, cut out a small triangle at the bottom of each (I just eyeballed this). Then tape (or glue) them to to your background paper. I had to use my ultra-control gel super glue to keep my three pieces in place (scrapbooking squares just weren’t enough – I think it was because of the texture from all the glitter!).

With your ribbon, cut two 7 inch pieces. Take one of the pieces and tie a knot around the other, making sure that the knot is more on the left side of the other piece of ribbon.


Next, attach it to the background paper. I used both scrapbook stickers and glue dots to attach mine. And on the back, I reinforced it with tape 😉 Once it’s stuck down in its spot, trim down the loose pieces of ribbon.

For the last little addition, cut out a small oval on an accent color of scrapbook paper (mine is cream colored). I took a fine tip marker and wrote out “Merry” in cursive. I then thickened up parts of the phrase to make it look a little more visually appealing. Lastly, I dotted the exterior of the oval with my marker.


Attach the oval to the background paper and then attach the background paper to your card and you’re finished! Isn’t it beautiful?!? I certainly think so! 🙂


This was extremely easy to make but it looks like it took hours to complete! You’ll amaze your friends when they see this handmade beauty!

What are your plans for Christmas? Traveling? Or staying home? Or perhaps both?!? Johnathan, Aiden, and I will be doing both this holiday season 🙂

Okie dokie artichokies, this gal is going to go get some cleaning and organizing started! Johnathan and I are using our Christmas break to get some much needed things done around our house. We’re trying to purge our house of anything we don’t need or use anymore – especially if we haven’t used it in over six months! Today, we’re tackling Aiden’s room! Wish us luck!! Happy crafting everyone,

~ Traci


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