Valentine’s Day Door Hanger

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away! Have you started decorating for it yet? Some folks here around Hartsville already have. I’ve only just begun…but I have been pinning loads of inspiration on Pinterest – that counts for something, right?!

Before I get to today’s tutorial, let me show you what inspired me to create it. Back in November, I shared with you the Interchangeable Home Letters I purchased and decorated. Well, Thoughts In Vinyl has a Valentine’s Day “O” insert – cupid’s heart – and I ordered it! I found some paper at Hobby Lobby and created this!


Cute isn’t it? It inspired me to use the same colors and patterns for my door hanger!

You’ll need:

– large wood heart with ribbon hanger (like this one at Hobby Lobby)

– white spray paint

– wooden “love” piece from Target

– gold, pink, white, and red paint

– paintbrush(es)

– painter’s tape

– chevron stencil

– thin black ribbon

– gel super glue

– scissors

– gold glitter scrapbook paper

– small heart punch (like this one)

– Goop (you can find this at your local hardware store, like Home Depot)

– heavy books


  1. Untie the ribbon on the large wood heart and set aside. Spray paint the heart with a coat or two of white spray paint and allow to dry completely.

2. I found the wooden “love” piece in the dollar section at Target (it was actually $3). I painted three coats of gold on the front, allowing plenty of time to dry in between coats.

3. Place the “love” where you want it on your white heart. Using painter’s tape, mark off where you want the border to be.

4. Remove the “love” piece and flip the heart upside down. Take another piece of painter’s tape and place it underneath the first piece of tape. Remove the original piece of tape (the top piece of tape).

5. Turn the heart right side up and repeat step four.

6. I bought this chevron stencil from Jo-Anns awhile ago and figured I’d try it out for this door hanger. It has an adhesive backside so it will stick to whatever you are painting (although it’s not perfect – it did “bleed through” in some places). Place the stencil on the bottom part of the heart and paint a coat of pink over it. Allow it to dry completely before removing the stencil.

7. Carefully line the stencil on one side of the heart so it matches up with the chevron you already painted. Paint it pink! Repeat on the other side of the heart until you’ve got a consistent pink chevron pattern on the  bottom of the heart!

8. I painted a second coat of the pink by hand with a very small paintbrush. Yes, doing it by hand is more tedious but I was able to smooth out some mistakes places that were bothering my OCD 😉 I also took some white paint and hand painted a white coat of chevron. This allowed me to fix some of the pink “accidents” the stencil created.

9. Take the painter’s tape and cut strips of it (as thick or thin as you’d like) and place on the top part of the heart, creating stripes. Paint several coats of red and let dry completely.

10. Once all paint is dry, remove the painter’s tape!


11. Take your thin black ribbon and cut two pieces, long enough to wrap around to the back of the heart. These create the border around the “love” part of the heart. Super glue them to the heart.

12. Take the gold glitter scrapbook paper and punch out lots of hearts! As many or as little as you like! Place them where you like on your heart (I chose to mimic the gold heart scrapbook paper I showed you at the start of this post). Once you’ve chosen your design of the hearts, super glue them down.

13. Time to adhere the “love” to the wreath – for good! Take the Goop and slop it on the back of the “love”. Place it on the heart and press down. Set some books on top to help it adhere better. Let it dry for awhile (I let mine sit overnight).

14. Once it’s dry, retie the ribbon (that you removed in step 1) and hang it on your door! (I made my ribbon shorter than the length of the original ribbon. I didn’t want my heart to hang as low as it would have). Now step back and admire your awesome work!!!

I absolutely LOVE (hahaha pun definitely intended) the way this door hanger really pops against our front door! I am also really happy that I got this completed several weeks before the actual holiday 😉 😉 That gives me plenty of time to enjoy it!

With this project complete, I need to get to work on decorations for the inside of our house! I plan on posting a V-Day card idea soon, so if I can get some decor stuff completed, I’ll take pictures and share them with you!

Happy crafting!!

~ Traci


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