Valentine’s Day Card

If you are looking for an easy DIY Valentine’s Day card for that special someone in your life, then I’ve got just the tutorial for you! All it takes is a few supplies and a few minutes of your time!

You’ll need:

– a blank card

– white, pink, and red cardstock

– washi tape

– scissors, ruler, pencil, glue

– heart punch

– “Love” stamp

– red and black stamp pad


Cut a piece of white cardstock so that it is about 1/4″ smaller than your blank card. My blank card measures 5.5″ x 4″ so I cut my white cardstock down to 5.25″ x 3.75″.

Take your washi tape and tear off a piece that is just a little bit longer than your white cardstock. Place it more towards the top of your cardstock and fold down the edges. Repeat with another piece of washi tape, but this time, place it more towards the bottom of your cardstock and fold down the edges.

Rotate the cardstock 90 degrees and repeat the previous step!

Cut a piece of pink cardstock so that it is just a hair smaller than the blank card but just a hair larger than the white cardstock. So for my card, that would measure about 1/8″ smaller than the blank card (or 1/8″ larger than the white cardstock – depending on which way you look at it). Once it’s cut to the appropriate size, glue the two pieces of cardstock together.

Take your “love” stamp and black stamp pad and stamp four of the nine open spots – feel free to place them wherever you prefer 🙂

There are two options for finishing this card. One is to take some red cardstock and a heart punch and punch out five hearts and glue them on the open spaces. Like what you see in the photo below.


Or if you are crazy like me, you think to yourself, “Hey, wouldn’t it be a GREAT idea if I used my two-year-old’s finger prints and created hearts with his finger prints?”And you try it, but it doesn’t turn out like you planned. Not. at. all.

Aiden was screaming bloody murder and thrashing around crazily as I attempted to create little hearts with his finger prints. Really, it’s my own fault for his uncooperative attitude. I did this after his nap, when he is at his crankiest (which seems ironic to me). I should have waited until the next morning when he wouldn’t be as cranky. But no, I just HAD to get it done that afternoon! Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson ;-P

Inside the card, I wrote the following poem that I found through Pinterest from Messy Little Monster. It says, “I know you wipe some away, But these prints were made to stay. So keep them forever, a treasure they’ll be. A special ‘I LOVE YOU’ for you from me.”

I think the grandparents are going to LOVE it! Mostly because they’ll know that the “hearts” on the front are from Aiden’s little fingers!!!

Remember in my last post how I mentioned I might share my Valentine’s Day decor with you? Well, we’re having our house painted,and we’ve had to move some things around. So my decorations aren’t quite settled at the moment. The painter should be finishing up this week…at least, I’m hoping he will be so I can show you guys my decor photos!!

This past week, I had long days at school and this week will be no different. I’m helping judge “Wizard of Oz” auditions, which has been incredibly fun! I’ve also taken on a pretty big project called Miss HHS – it’s kind of like a beauty pageant for the ladies of our high school. Lots to do in a short amount of time! Have a fantastic week everyone! And happy crafting,

~ Traci



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